Friday, 6 November 2009

Back in action ...

Last two months have been quite intense and have kept me away from the blog. After my summer break I felt a need to deepen my practice and refine my teaching ability in order to achieve more efficacy for my students.
Teaching for me is a job that has to be performed with the highest skill possible and has to produce results.
My motivation, my call, is a complete different affair. Yoga, in its deepest form, is my life. I am totally committed to the evolution of my consciousness as I have an insight into the stages to be apprehended. When I stepped into my first yoga class at the Sivananda Centre in Albany st. many years ago, I knew my life would be turned upside down, literally. I was 42. I gradually faded my photographic career and begun following my teacher in his various ashrams. Two wives and three kids later, I settled my body in Notting Hill and begun sharing my experience
hoping to make enough of a living to be able to dedicate my efforts entirely to my spiritual evolution.
My quest was, and in part still is, "how can a modern man achieve liberation and live a successful life as a man, as a partner, as a professional and as a citizen ?" ...

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