Monday, 27 April 2009

Back to Innergy....

Saturday I celebrated my return with a walk in the Hyde Park . The afternoon was splendid and my companion decided to fix that moment in time into her camera. I find it always so special to spend some time, leisurely, with a woman friend whom I feel attracted to.
I appreciate the female vision of life and the intricate ways we differ in such a variety of ways. I love hearing how a woman 'feels' about her experiences as I realize I could never come from the same places.
It's intriguing and educative so I walk and chat and have a drink and get photographed.... :)

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Love can only happen in freedom. The love that everybody talks about is based on fear: fear produced by insecurity and, therefore, no trace of freedom in  it. I love you and you love me so we can get locked in  a whirl of dependance. The day you place your love on somebody else, I will hate you because you shattered my secure emotional nest. I am now on a limb and in the rain and in fear. To be able to trade my heart again I need to trash the amazing love I had for you. 
And the mess keeps on....

Thursday, 16 April 2009


I left Innergy behind and I am now in Sabina, the hills about 1 hour from Rome. In the Sabina Retreat Centre Giulia has had built an incredible tree house used for massage and ayurvedic treatments.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


You don't bring to focus who you really are, from deep within your roots, because it conflicts with what you want. Your 'wants' come from your ego, your conditioned mind, and you 'believe' that-  that is the YOU you need to nourish. Anything in your mind is fantasy, an illusion. Don't trust it. Who YOU really are is powered by your heart and is the intrinsic purpose of your living. Let it flourish it, slowly but deliberately.


Sometimes that picture in your mind that seemed so clear, sharp and colorful, and you were proud to call it your 'purpose' begins to change. Colors slowly fading without warning and some kind of mist emerges from nowhere. Pangs of insecurity creep within your actions..... and you get busy: the cover up. You mesmerize yourself with more and more thing to do till one night, perhaps, lying in bed unable to fade gently into sleep, you realize that you are confused and apparently aimless. You seem to have lost power. You have many 'things' and you are super engaged with life and yet ... the story is familiar.  
That 'purpose' WAS your power. That purpose didn't belong to 'deeds or things': that purpose was the motivation to live and express the reality of your soul. 
Don't fear confusion, just trust the sun to be always there even if, sometimes, obscured by clouds. 
Your purpose is your birthright being the 'engine under the bonnet' that motivates your desire to live.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

From Bahamas to....Chelsea Reg. Office

well, after 7 years of globe trotting around the hemispheres we ended up in Chelsea a beautiful day in september '95. What does a relationship mean? We divorced the following year.....

Innergy 1998


The Centre is silent, Easter took everyone away. I feel so at home in the energy that surrounds me and slowly spreads inside me. Contemplation is the only choice ... and my mind goes back ... the early days. We had a good team teaching intensive classes and yet so lighthearted. Innergy in '98/99.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Canada-Val Morin- 1983

My early days with my teacher Swami Vishnu. I spent one month in Swamiji ashram in the Laurentian mountains behind Montreal and after a week of silent meditation I was initiated into the use of a mantra.
It was quite an emotional event as I recognized the importance of that moment. I felt I was stepping into a bigger world of joy and unity and that I was letting my old life fade slowly away.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Full Moon...

Easter break...

There is such an exodus this year for an 'away-from-home' Easter break. Most of my student-friends are off on exotic trips or family gatherings in the countryside. Given my urban-monk lifestyle, I love being in the city during these times and enjoy more freedom of movement with less traffic around. Flocks of tourists populate the streets creating an atmosphere of lighthearted fun. This year I feel very calm about my life as I probably have reached a state suspended balance. The past 12 years have been such an intense 'escavation' into the archeology of my soul the buried skeletons, the flushing realizations.... and now.... e fresh horizon is emerging. The past belongs to museums now while the future is just unfolding. The paradigm shift that we are seeing in the world at present is leading us towards an inner space where we are going to find a wealth of resources new to us, more intimate, more powerful. We NEED to be who we WANT to be.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Life & Death

Markos from Athens has sent me an email about an insightful review of the recent Flamenco performance at the Sadler's Wells. It is indeed an inspiring trip into an art form rooted in ancient history and belonging to the shamanic heart of the Gipsy tradition. I really enjoyed reading it. I will try to post a summary of it, being quite long for a blog. The major insight of the writer is when he 'sees ' the deep experience of 'life & death' that a genuine work of art can generate in the observer. Indeed, the observer is transformed in a participant: a magical event. I feel like expanding on that and take the essence of it to our Raja Yoga, the discipline of our consciousness.
Being born and die are clearly the opposite polarity of the same axis: time, a lifespan. Raja enquiry takes deeper into the microcosm and the smallest fraction of time: the moment, now. In this 'exact' moment, if we are totally present to it, if we see it 'as it is' without the filtering of our conditioning, we experience death. The death of ego-persona and the dissolving of it into the cosmic sea of eternity. My game of impersonating Fausto is, therefore, transformed into a 'feeling', a 'being'  Fausto at One with the universe. The Art of Enquiry that Raja Yoga offers us entails the permanent evolution of consciousness but... any genuine work of art, being dance, poetry,painting etc will transport us to the edge of our rationality to dive into a sea of feelings and timelessness.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kirtan with Faustomaria and friends

Lovely evening with great energy and so many friends surrounding me. It is always a surprise to me to see people turning up without being incessantly prompted by marketing. I rely on the cosmic energy of "what's right". I want the survival of the most esoteric facets of the Yoga  discipline: Kirtan  is a very powerful channel of emotional energy in its mantric use of sound. Furthermore, I really enjoy the thrill of not knowing who and how many people are going to appear to form our audience. Well.... this time too we survived...:)

Friday, 3 April 2009

Raja Yoga sessions...

On the second and third friday of the month I explore the essence of Jnana and Raja Yoga philosophy and interact with the participants the applied psychology. "Who are we?" and "Why do we live the life we are living?" "How can we improve our relationship with the immediate or extended environment?" "What is the practice of Yoga doing for us?" "What is spirituality?" "What does integration with mind-body-feelings mean?" Etc, etc....
Some theory behind the practice will enhance the experience of an asana class.

Feeling versus Thought

The moment I awaken to the reality of who I really was my life, as it were, was transformed. The feel of me (the "I") existing in this world had become such a reality that was absorbing  all my attention. I could no longer be the Fausto I had known all those past years. Strange occurrence I thought;  the feeling of who I was had taken over the thought of who I was. All the achievements in my career and my social status had no impact on me any longer as the paramount importance had shifted to how I 'felt' about myself in skin I was wearing as Fausto.