Sunday, 30 August 2009

The value of practice ...

I am pleased of this recent flurry of activity within Innergy.
I feel like the work I have been doing in the Centre is continuing to be real and effective.
The Yoga I am sharing is about relationship: how to relate to the environment that surrounds us
in the most effective way. How to relate in a community, how to relate as a human being.
The function of a Yoga Centre is to bring together people who practice relating to their bodies,
feelings and minds in order to operate in a wider world with a sense of fullfilment.
It is important, therefore, to participate and contribute to a community based on truer values
and more spontaneous exchanges.
One practices by partecipating.
One practices by experiencing togetherness.
One practices by accepting and value others.
One practices by letting the energy of one's feelings flow without judgements.
One practices by....loving.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Sunsets ...

why are sunsets so moving wherever one is in the world?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Meditation ...

When I sit in meditation I am still dealing with the baggage of my past. Less intrusive and more rarefied, naturally, but still ... Meditation is about the past, all that has already happened and that is inside me, somewhere in my psyche and in my body. Every bit of memory that surfaces in my awareness carries a feeling in my body. Very often the feeling is negative. I sit as still as I can manage and in no time memories appear as images in my mind. Thoughts project as images while feelings (being movements of energy) project as colours. After so many years of practice, I have reached a stage of no-reaction and begun to really experience moments of deep joy as I feel the freedom from the thread that links my thoughts to my emotions. Can you imagine what fun is to be present to all the traffic and noise in the mind and the discomfort that follows in the body (which generally forces one to get up and abandon the practice) and NOT feel it? It is like watching a film: mind being the screen and memories the film, the plot. I laugh or cry as the plot unfolds but the plot isn't me. I finally lost the connection with my memories: they now come and go leaving no trace. I feel sooooo liberated! ... :)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Twilight in Sabina ...

As darkness was creeping in, my mind wandered back ... far back when my mother tucked me in bed and left the room, the window open and twilight fading into night. I felt so frightened staring at the darkening sky that was taking away from me the joys of the day, the games with friends and the warm touch of my mother. That fear mixed with sadness stayed with me for very long time, the end of something, the passing of time, the fading of a memory ... In my meditations, during my spiritual practice, I begun seeing the root and the meaning of that fear and realize that I had to face the primeval terror of death which was uncannily sabotaging my innate joy of living.
I begun seeing that death happens in the now, at every moment that rises and falls out of my consciousness. It took me few years to clean my act and accept that 'what is just is' leading, through its death, to the birth of next one. Soooo ... in the mind (which operates in time&space)
one continuously experiences the terror of impermanence of life. In the heart, instead, there is fearlessness because one can only feel the awareness of the moment, with its birth and death, and the joy of its purity.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Nature ...

The world out there is just energy. There is a constant motion: outer movement and inner vibration.
Feelings pick up the rhythmical inner flutter of the environment and ... dance with it.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Peace ...

The other evening I was walking back home through the Kensington Gardens as the light was rapidly fading around the pond. Beautiful summer evening with very few people about and a seducing quietness in the air.
I couldn't help stopping to breathe the twilight and sit on a bench by the pond. I was sensing a magical moment coming to me when my feelings and the environment would merge together in balance. I felt so privileged to be able to catch these moments and hold them in my awareness, kind of digest them, with total humility. No judgements, no possessiveness, no glory. Then I saw two ducks ... two ordinary ducks floating on an ordinary pond.
I sat for a while in that stillness as a subtle sense of joy was pervading me. Time was melting away and that ordinary, every day scene became eternal like the history of the world. My camera came to my eyes and I clicked.
When I left the bench and resumed my walk I felt a wealthier man.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The principles of Shiva&Shakti are inherent in your breath. When you inhale the Shiva principle, active - positive,
is present in your Prana. When you exhale the Shakti principle, passive - negative, is present too. They represent the polarities of Energy: positive - negative. They are opposite, like male - female, and they need to be integrated to be effective and complete. The key element for integration is Kumbhaka, the retention of breath, central to all Yogic practices. You inhale Prana (Shiva) - you hold breath for a moment in Kumbhaka - you exhale Apana (Shakti).
What happens is that in Kumbhaka, Shiva(prana) is held consciously (with practice) awaiting to be distributed where is needed in your body by Shakti (apana). When the practice develops you will notice that Shakti (exhalation) has become your healing power, the release of tension in your body chemistry. Sooooo ...
Inhale ... hold it briefly and ... consciously relax your body.
See what happens ...

A change of direction ...

When I understood that my mind is capable of evolving from a conditioned state, due to the physical,cultural, national environment in which I live in, to a higher stage of raised values and refined quality of living, my life changed dramatically. I embarked on a path where being conscious of my actions ( and more deeply of my thought process) was the most important element of my daily routine. Growing the awareness of Me living and expressing My Life was paramount. The 'lower' mind expresses itself automatically, reactively and unaware.
I lived like in a sleepwalk for years doing all the right things one does like working, having a family with all that that is involved, having 'good friends ' , original holidays and predictable hobbies. I begun asking questions when I realized that I was aiming for my death without the 'inner joy' of having lived my life. The spiritual books I begun reading where highlighting that mysterious (to me) feeling of 'bliss' that was almost totally alien to my understanding. And then one day ... the penny dropped. It came to me, kind of brightly, that the only way to move out of my torpor was to evolve by climbing the mountain in order to reach a higher perspective because from where I was I couldn't see anything else apart from my programmed day to day existence. Soooo, I made it a job to become aware, more and more closely, of my daily actions and feelings. I wrote about them in my diary and spoke to my partner and close friends about my predicament. It turned into an obsession. Soon ... it became obvious to me that I had to become the guy I am now.