Sunday, 30 August 2009

The value of practice ...

I am pleased of this recent flurry of activity within Innergy.
I feel like the work I have been doing in the Centre is continuing to be real and effective.
The Yoga I am sharing is about relationship: how to relate to the environment that surrounds us
in the most effective way. How to relate in a community, how to relate as a human being.
The function of a Yoga Centre is to bring together people who practice relating to their bodies,
feelings and minds in order to operate in a wider world with a sense of fullfilment.
It is important, therefore, to participate and contribute to a community based on truer values
and more spontaneous exchanges.
One practices by partecipating.
One practices by experiencing togetherness.
One practices by accepting and value others.
One practices by letting the energy of one's feelings flow without judgements.
One practices by....loving.

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