Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Meditation ...

When I sit in meditation I am still dealing with the baggage of my past. Less intrusive and more rarefied, naturally, but still ... Meditation is about the past, all that has already happened and that is inside me, somewhere in my psyche and in my body. Every bit of memory that surfaces in my awareness carries a feeling in my body. Very often the feeling is negative. I sit as still as I can manage and in no time memories appear as images in my mind. Thoughts project as images while feelings (being movements of energy) project as colours. After so many years of practice, I have reached a stage of no-reaction and begun to really experience moments of deep joy as I feel the freedom from the thread that links my thoughts to my emotions. Can you imagine what fun is to be present to all the traffic and noise in the mind and the discomfort that follows in the body (which generally forces one to get up and abandon the practice) and NOT feel it? It is like watching a film: mind being the screen and memories the film, the plot. I laugh or cry as the plot unfolds but the plot isn't me. I finally lost the connection with my memories: they now come and go leaving no trace. I feel sooooo liberated! ... :)

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