Thursday, 6 August 2009

The principles of Shiva&Shakti are inherent in your breath. When you inhale the Shiva principle, active - positive,
is present in your Prana. When you exhale the Shakti principle, passive - negative, is present too. They represent the polarities of Energy: positive - negative. They are opposite, like male - female, and they need to be integrated to be effective and complete. The key element for integration is Kumbhaka, the retention of breath, central to all Yogic practices. You inhale Prana (Shiva) - you hold breath for a moment in Kumbhaka - you exhale Apana (Shakti).
What happens is that in Kumbhaka, Shiva(prana) is held consciously (with practice) awaiting to be distributed where is needed in your body by Shakti (apana). When the practice develops you will notice that Shakti (exhalation) has become your healing power, the release of tension in your body chemistry. Sooooo ...
Inhale ... hold it briefly and ... consciously relax your body.
See what happens ...


  1. Fausto, thanks for this reminding, just by reading these words my breath has already another colour...

    Why does this message have a weaker impact when I deliver it to myself, but seem to be like a revelation when it comes from you? shouldn't it be the other way round? does that mean that I don't trust myself?

  2. no problem. The ball bounces from u to me, from me to u and back again till the day the ball remains in your lap! So be patient and wait untill it sinks in. Have a great time.

  3. The inner tennis-table game...thanks.xx